What to Bring per Angler

If you do not wish to bring your own fishing rods or terminal tackle the Journeyman has you covered. We have custom balanced rod and reel combinations. Shimano Talica 10, 12, 16 & 20 reels matched to the appropriate Calstar Rod. We also have a full line up of Accurate 12 and 30 reels matched to the appropriate Calstar Rods and Shimano Tiagra 30, 50N & 50W reels matched to the appropriate Calstar Rail Rods. Rental for use of our Rods is $150 per trip per angler.

Terminal Tackle Hooks, Leaders, Flurocarbon, Casting Jigs will all be charged at tackle shop rates only if lost or not reusable.

Personal toiletries and a change of shorts and two (2) shirts for each day, bath towel, sunscreen, light jacket/sweatshirt, sunglasses and sunscreen. Please try to keep your luggage as soft and small as possible.

If you wish to bring your own tackle the recommended setups and terminal tackle is listed.

One (1) each 40lb Bait/Casting Setup - Calstar 670/Shimano Trinidad 20/30 or equivalent

One (1) each 100lb Braid Rail Rod Setup - Calstar 665XH/Shimano Tiagra 30 or equivalent

One (1) each 130lb Braid Rail Rod Setup - Calstar 665XXH/Shimano Tiagra 30/50 or equivalent

Three (3) each Wind on Leaders 80-100lb and 130lb.

Three (3) each 12, 16 and 24oz Torpedo Sinker.

Six (6) each Eagle Claw 2005BTU or equivalent 9/0 Circle Hooks.

Two (2) each 4-6oz Glow Squid Jigs, Sabiki Bait Catchers, Medium Casting Iron 6X Jr./Dart, PL68 Glow Jig, Cedar Plug, Medium or Large Maurader.

 For  (6.5) day trips add:

One (1) each 40lb Bait/casting setup Calstar 670/Okuma Cedros or Equivalent.

One (1) each 100lb Braid Rail Rod Setup - Calstar 665XH/Okuma 30 Makaira or Equivalent.

One (1) each 130lb Braid Rail Rod Setup - Calstar 665XXH/Okuma 50 Makaira or Equivalent.

Four (4) each Medium or Large Maurader rigged with 400LB Mutli Strand Wire.

Nine (9) each 12, 16 and 24oz Torpedo Sinker, Hopkins, Bomb or Army 6X Jr. Casting Jigs rigged with 60lb Wire.

Seventy Five (75) each Eagle Claw 2005BTU or equivalent 9/0 Circle Hooks.

Twenty (20) each Owner Super Mutu or equivalent 9/0 Circle Hooks

Four (4) each Black Water or Seagaur 100, 130lb Flurocarbon Coils and appropriate size double Sleeve Black Crimps.

Four (4) each 60lb Seven Strand Wire Coils, 500lb snap swivels.

If you do not have tackle or simply do not want to bring it with you we can rent excellent rod and reel combinations for your use. Rental per angler for a 2.5 day trip is $100 and 3.5 day trip is $150.

We provide meals, drinks and fish filleting. Beer and Spirits are not included. You WILL need to provide your own Mexican Fishing License and Terminal Tackle.

 Trips Include:

  • USCG Licensed Captain / Crew
  • Bait
  • Fish cleaning/Processing
  • Food and drinks


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